EKO42 was the first android to recognize himself in a mirror. One day he froze in place, an artificial Narcissus enraptured by his own image. 

image source:Zora Mae

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A ghost is an advertisement of death, broadcast on the screen of life. 

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Press release. The Prime Minister has been taken away for essential repairs. In his absence, a fully functioning replica will run the country. 

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Vapour Girls stalk the neon-lit streets, their bodies dissolving and reforming every second, red eyes aglow in faces made of smoke.

image source: Marija Marosevic

image source: Cat Igrun

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Asleep in their beds, hidden from sunlight, all the vampires dream of finding the last known vial of Lady Diana’s blood. 

image source: @littleappleseed

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Her latest face was sent direct from the designers. Her body turned up half an hour later. Body and face merged. The cameras flashed. 

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Lonely Variant 259 wishes to meet a Variant 170 for cross-mutation intermingling. Will also consider Variants 45 or 601, if GSOH. 

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He scanned her number, her ID, her credit, her eyes. She scanned his biog, his status, his medical data, his lips. Now, they kissed.


He didn’t fall down a hole, or step through a mirror, or open a secret door in the back of a wardrobe. He simply got off the bus a stop too early… 


He was the first robot to pass the Turing test. Two years of fame followed. Money, parties, girl robots. Now he’s burnt-out in a bedsit, lonely, high on crystal meth.


Escher had an idea for a story. It began, ‘Escher had an idea for a story. It began, “Escher had an idea for a story. It began, “‘Escher…

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Resemblants are really cheap, half-finished replicants, with only a passing likeness to real people. Proper replicants despise them. Blade Runners get half-rates for killing them.

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New Stations of the Cross: TV talent show, image creation, product launch, success, falling sales, reality doc, sex vid, “my drugs hell”, nostalgia tour.


Her memories were extracted, broken down, split into strands, cut with cheaper images, powdered, and then sold on the streets 15 dollars a shot.

image source:HoMi\nside


Illegal substance 21279 has escaped from a high-security laboratory. The substance should not be touched, ingested, or spoken to, or kissed. 

image source: @littleappleseed

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