About This Project

This project was started to bring together the ‘microspores’ created by the twitter account @Jeff Noon, and the interest of artists and musicians. This is an open community project, drawing some of the best from the recent tweet activity and offering a place for artists to add their own spin.

The only rules we have for the curating of this site at present are as follows:

Anything submitted remains the copyright of the originator.

All work submitted must be original and copyright free.

The text remains the copyright of Jeff Noon.

We will include a link back to the originator if supplied.

Spores can have multiple images, supplied by different artists. But we hope to include just one image per microspore from any one individual.

The Microspores team reserves the final choice on the use and publication of any submitted item.

Not everything sent through will be used but everything is, of course, appreciated and helps to make this site a dynamic and evolving project.

All text copyright Jeff Noon, 2012. Images copyright the individual artists, 2012.